Vintage Circus Performer

"Kingston audiences loved Mighty Mike! His show is funny, fun and a delight to watch. It was his first time at our festival and we will welcome him back with open arms!”

- Jan MacDonald
Artistic Director
Kingston Buskers Rendezvous

The Funniest Strongman

The Mighty Mike show showcases old time strongman feats and juggling, with a lot of spontaneous fun and audience interaction. This inspirational, family friendly show has been featured at events all around the world.
Mike’s signature feats include tearing packs of cards in half, bending horseshoes, driving a nail through a board with his hand, and juggling with bowling balls and a full sized sledgehammer.

In addition to the world-class feats, throw in Mike’s zany dance routines, quick wit, some thought-provoking bits of timeless wisdom, and this show is sure to be a strong addition to any event!

  • Festivals / Fairs
  • Indoor / Stage
  • Schools / Colleges
  • The Mighty Mike show is fully insured and can provide a liability insurance certificate upon request!